Our New Year’s Holiday

Our New Year’s Holiday
(Hasegawa Eiga Roppongi)

Hasegawa Eiga Roppongi will be closed for the New Year’s holiday from 31 December to 3 January.

(Sake tasting for Hasegawa Eiga will be started from 10 January)
(Online is available only in Japan)
Online shopping will be closed for the New Year’s holiday from 30 December to 5 January.
If you purchase before 27 December, we will deliver your sake to your place within 2019.
If you order after 28 December, we will ship to you as soon as ready after New Year’s holiday 2020.
( If you choose bank transfer or postal transfer, firstly we have to confirm your payment and we will be able to proceed to deliver your sake to your place.
So if you are in a hurry, would you please kindly choose a credit card or cash on delivery)
(Please be informed : It takes approximately 7 days until the money arrives from Postal transfer)
(Mail answering )
For your inquiry, we will get back to you after 6 January in order.
Thank you for having your interests in Hasegawa Eiga in 2019 and continuous kind support for the coming new year.