Hasegawa Eiga and "Japanese Beauty"


“Japanese Candles” to Gently Lighten Your Heart

Japanese candles, believed to have been introduced by the Chinese in the Muromachi era, had lit up the lives of the Japanese for a long time until inexpensive Western candles were imported during Meiji. While Western candles are mass-produced by machine from oil as the main ingredient, Japanese candles are produced individually with great care of experienced artisans from plant-based ingredients, such as the fruit of the Japanese wax tree.

A significantly swaying flame is part of their charm. The flame that wavers mysteriously as if a soul or intention dwelt in it is why Japanese candles are in particular used for purposes such as offerings and Shinto rituals. This is because the air flows in a hollow cavity in the center of the candle, and the flame lasts longer than that of Western candles for this reason.

They are rarely used for a lighting purpose any longer, but the gentle flame still offers a time of relaxation from the bustle of everyday life.