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“Eho-nomi” – How Adults Enjoy Setsubun

Setsubun, the day that traditionally marks the end of winter, is observed with the bean-throwing ceremony to expel evil including shouts of “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi! (Out with the demons! In with fortune!)”, as well as the nationwide custom of eating Eho-maki sushi rolls that originated in the Kansai area. A new Setsubun custom that’s now gathering public attention is “Eho-nomi”. This is, in a matter of speaking, a Japanese sake version of Eho-maki. Looking in the lucky direction of the year and having a sip of Japanese sake is said to bring luck and fulfill the person’s wish. Eho is the direction where goddess Toshitoku-jin is situated, and it changes every year. Japanese people, since ancient times, have looked in Eho directions for good luck when handling key issues.

This year’s Eho direction is south-southeast, and Setsubun falls on February 2. Relax and enjoy Setsubun in an adult way with your favorite Japanese sake and drinking vessel.