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Summer Gifts

When the rainy season is over, we will find ourselves in the height of summer. A summer greeting is sent to people who you have emotional ties with. Have you already prepared summer gifts for them?


There are regional differences in when summer gifts are sent, but the latest trend nationwide is to do so by the middle of July. If you miss the opportunity, gifts can be sent by risshu, the first day of fall in the traditional Japanese calendar, as a gift of shochu-mimai to care for the recipient’s health in the midst of summer. Or it can be sent after risshu for zansho-mimai as a late-summer greeting. A short message written on a piece of letter paper with a refreshing appearance will make the recipient feel even more appreciative of the gift.


Hasegawa Eiga, either at our direct retail store or online, will gladly take your requests for traditional noshi labels and special wrapping. We recommend you order early to avoid disappointment.

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