Hasegawa Eiga and "Japanese Beauty"


Interview with Shungetsu Nakamura: To Mark the Release of the Flower Boxes Vol. 2 Offering the Essence of Beauty with Japanese Sake

In the second half of this article, we will interview Mr. Nakamura on how the idea of the flower boxes was generated and how he feels about the collaboration with Hasegawa Eiga.

– How did you come up with the concept of sending flowers in boxes?

The store I worked for in Paris had initiated box arrangement services, in which flowers were arranged in hat boxes.

Hat boxes are round and cute and carry the air of excitement. Since my return to Japan, I have been looking for ways within Japanese culture to represent it, making box arrangement in paulownia boxes and trying various methods of expression.

I thought box arrangements would be perfect for expressing the worldview of Hasegawa Eiga.

– What theme did you use to realize the collaboration with Hasegawa Eiga?

I have utilized the experience I gained at the birthplace of box arrangement in this collaboration in an attempt to answer Hasegawa Eiga’s question about the essence of Japanese beauty through the beauty of Japanese flowers.

I focused on how I can convey the specific beauty of each individual flower and reinterpreted how Japanese flower arrangement is understood.

– How do you want the flowers to be enjoyed?

I would like them to be enjoyed with Hasegawa Eiga sake.Savor the sake while admiring the flowers. They will help visualize the worldview of Hasegawa Eiga.


[ Flower Box: Mr. Shungetsu Nakamura ]

Yo (Real flowers)  ¥17,600(with tax)

Tsuki (Real flowers)  ¥17,600(with tax)

Yo (Preserved)  ¥35,200(with tax)

Tsuki (Preserved)  ¥35,200(with tax)

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<Shungetsu Nakamura Profile>
Born in Yokohama in 1975. Master of the Soami School of Japanese Flower Arrangement. Well known for a unique and significant flower arrangement style with a sophisticated integration of Japanese traditional aesthetics and European creativity. Nakamura’s atelier “GOLDEN SYUNKA” in Shirokane works on flower arrangement at Hasegawa Eiga Roppongi.