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Shouman: One of the Nijuushi-sekki (24 Seasons) – Preparing Rice Fields for the Yamada-nishiki Variety

One of the 24 seasons in the lunar calendar “shouman” is starting on May 20th. It is when the universe gradually matures, and the young leaves of trees lushly grow.

In the rice fields in a special A-graded area reserved for the Yamada-nishiki variety in Ozawa District of Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture, rooted rice seedlings shine a verdant green.

Rice seedlings are first raised in green houses or other facilities and then transplanted to the rice field with soft turned soil. Once rooted in the field, the seedlings sprout new roots from their joints, as well as leaves, and grow bigger.

Because the spike grows at the tip of the rice plant, shouman is one of the crucial seasons that determines the rice yield of the year. The utmost control is given to help paddies take in enough water. We hope that Yamada-nishiki will again this year grow healthy in the fresh breeze and sunshine.