Hasegawa Eiga and "Japanese Beauty"


Shichijuniko (72 Climates) “First Cherry Blossom”

“First Cherry Blossom,” one of the 72 climates of the solar year, is starting on March 25th. This is exactly when cherry blossoms start to bloom.


Cherry blossoms have a significant cultural meaning to the Japanese, making them feel anxious before blooming and delighted during blooming. The blossoms also make them feel excited when in full bloom and lonely when the petals start falling.


It was in the Heian Era when cherry blossoms replaced the previously popular plum. The blossoms have been loved by people ever since a cherry tree was transplanted from Yoshino-yama, Nara, to the Imperial Palace.


It is said that wearing clothing in the seasonal color indicated the person’s level of education and sensibility in those days. We can only guess how beautiful the scene must have been where people of noble families in seasonal colors were viewing cherry blossoms.


Reference: Yoshioka, Yukio. Nihon no Iro wo Shiru (Learning the Colors of Japan). Kadokawa Sophia Bunko.