Hasegawa Eiga and "Japanese Beauty"


A filtration : a manual gravity method : fukuro-shibori

A filtration of Moromi (moromi ; unrefined sake mash, which has finished the fermentation, like an alcoholic porridge), which is divided into sake (the liquid parts) and sake lees (the solid parts).

In the past, most of sakes are Nigore-sake (cloudy unrefined sake).

Since the process of filtration has been used, the sake became clear and named ‘Sei-syu’ (literally a clear refined sake).

Normally so many brewers choose mechanical extraction, but our Eiga employ a manual gravity drip extraction method, known as fukuro-shibori.

This traditional method ; fukuro-shibori ; putting sake mash (the fermenting porridge) into cloth bags and hanging them up, and left to filter slowly by the forces of gravity alone.

This technique is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and has to take care of oxidization, but the living ferment is no stress other than natural gravity, so that illustrates the uncompromising approach  to the ultimate purity of flavor.

Please enjoy the ultimate purity of flavor.