Hasegawa Eiga and "Japanese Beauty"


A decoration of Shimenawa to welcome the goddess of lucky direction

YAEGAKI Sake & Spirits, Inc. also has a Shimenawa in our brewery.
The “Shime”  means “to occupy” and thus it turns into a power of the barrier separating the sanctuary from this world.

The origin of Shimenawa was told in Japanese myths.
When the sun god, Amaterasu, raged at her brother, Sasano, she locked herself up in a cave called Amanoiwato.
As a result, people struggled in the world without light. In order to let Amaterasu back, they had a party at front of Amanoiwato. 
As soon as Amaterasu came out from the cave to see what was going on, people tied the way in with Nawa(rope)
so as not to let her hide again.

In the New Year, we usually decorate our home with Shimenawa and Wakazari (woven-straws ring).
The interesting fact is that its shape is different depending on the region in Japan.

Let’s get ready for New Year’s Day. It is just around the corner.