Hasegawa Eiga and "Japanese Beauty"


New amuse bouche is started from April 1, by Ms. Natsuko Shoji ‘été’

From April 1, our new ‘amuse-bouche’ for Hasegawa Eiga, by the world renowned chef Ms. Natsuko Shoji.

She is the chef & owner of French restaurant ‘été’ which address & phone number are confidential to public.

As Hasegawa Eiga has cosy tasting room with 4 seats, likewise her restaurant does with offering private ambiance like no other.

The cuisines served at her restaurant are amazingly harmonized. It is something let us know how good food actually is.

Our new refreshments by Ms. Natsuko Shoji are exclusively prepared for Hasegawa Eiga, not available in any other places.

She says “Your palate will be awaken by different flavors during the tasting”.

Profile of Ms. Natsuko Shoji : chef/owner of French restaurant “été”
She was born in 1989 in Tokyo.
After her studies in culinary, she started to serve as patisserie/sous-chef at “Le jeu de l’assiette”(“recte”today)and “Florilege”which is ranked in 14th among “Best 50 restaurants in Asia 2017”.
The restaurant “été” was opened in July 2015 and now keeps attracting those who love her cuisines.

sited from ; http://ete.tokyo