Hasegawa Eiga and "Japanese Beauty"


Noren marked with Hasegawa family emblem.

Noren marked with Hasegawa family emblem.

Our noren made by Nakamura-Inc,. which was founded in 1923.

‘Noren are fabric dividers placed in storefronts and indoors as borders.  Often marked with family emblems or shop names, they have long served to represent the history and prestige of the business establishments that they adorn.Noren are an every day item.  Yet these fabrics, blowing gently in the wind providing a glimpse of some presence on the other side, are expressions of a unique culture shaped by the subtle modesty of Japanese people.’

quoted from nakamura-inc.jp ‘NOREN’  http://www.nakamura-inc.jp/noren (accessed 2019-3-6 ).